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The holy grail for regular cab square body guys.  1987 GMC V2500 3/4 ton 4x4, with the Top-of-the-Line Sierra Classic trim.  This is a 100% rustfree California survivor.  I has a pretty straight body, with a near mint inside bed.  The rare gem is fully loaded featuring the fuel injected 350, TH400 A/T, PW, PDL, Cruise, Tilt, etc.  This a nice no excuses hop in and drive 1 year only 4x4.

1979 Ford short bed 4x4.  This is a rare desirable Ranger "Lariat" Trim.  This one features the original paint on a 99.9% RUSTFREE body.  This truck has spent it's entire life in California.  It is well optioned with a strong running rebuilt 351 engine, C6 automatic, A/C, PS, PDB, tilt wheel, Cruise, locking hood, posi rear, etc.

1988 Chevy V30 Regular cab dually 1 ton 4x4.  This rare 1 year only Heavy Duty 4x4 is 100% rustfree western survivor.  This truck was one family owned and only has 106k miles on it.  Fully loaded Silverado, 454, TH400, PW, PDL, AC, etc.

1978 Bronco 4x4.  100% rustfree from Oregon.  Original paint.  Ranger XLT trim.  400, A/T, PS, PDB, etc.  Nice straight survivor!

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Feature Vehicles

1979 Ford  F350 1ton 4x4 SuperCab.  This Super cab is fully loaded and features the "Ranger Lariat" trim and the heavy duty "Trailering Special" towing package.  SuperCab's are hard enough to find, but with the F350 1 ton suspension it is virtually impossible to find.  Then add in the "Lariat" and "Trailering Special" packages and it is ultra rare.  1979 was the first and only year to get a true F350 4x4 in the pre 80 body style.  This truck is fully optioned including:  Ranger Lariat trim, Trailering Special towing package, strong smooth 460, with a mild cam, Edelbrock intake and carb, firm shifting C6 A/T, working A/C, power steering, power disc brakes, dual fuel tanks, tilt wheel, cruise control, factory bed side tool box, factory tie down hooks on the the bed, factory cab lights, etc. 

The Lariat package gave you all the fancy trim and interior, where as the Trailering Special package gave you equipment for towing: rear anti sway bare, heavy duty front disc brakes, extra coolers, and the big desert cooler radiator. 

This truck has the correct high pinion Dana 60 in the front axle, with a limited slip Dana 60 in the rear to match.  It also has the bullet proof 205 gear driven transfer case.  It has a mild lift to give it the "Highboy" stance.  It has new Rancho shocks all the way around and new 255/85/16 tires on the wider factory ford steel wheels.  It also has new exhaust.  The brakes stop nice.  The suspension is tight.  It drives fabulous.

The interior is nice.  The door panels are new, the carpet has been replaced, and the front seat recovered.  It also has the desirable rear bench seat.  It also has a nice sounding Custom Autosound brand factory fit and look radio

This truck received a cosmetic and mechanical restoration a few years ago, but by no means is a mint show truck.  It is a nice turn key rare driver.  The paint looks nice from 20 feet, but up close has flaws.  It is a solid western truck, that needs nothing to be used and enjoyed just is it sits.  Everyone who sees it loves it.


1990 K5 Chevy Blazer 4x4, with Top-of-the-line Silverado trim.  This K5 has a nice proud stance, and was the last of the removable top Blazers.  It is 100% rustfree, and  has spent it's entire life in California.  The odometer is showing only 138 k miles.  It is a fully loaded Silverado.  It has a strong fuel injected 350, nice shifting automatic, A/C, PW, PDL, tilt, cruise, power rear window, class III receiver hitch, etc. 

The body as mentioned is 100% rustfree.  It also has pretty straight as well.  It has a nice sounding new CD player.

The suspension is tight with new shocks.

These Blazers are getting tough to find in any decent condition.  Overall, this is a nice solid Blazer, that  is a turn key driver.


Unique 1979 F150 short bed 4x4.  It features the "Ranger" trim.  It is 99.9% Rustfree from the west coast.  What makes this truck unique is that the previous owner outfitted it with 8 lug 3/4 ton axles front and rear.  As mentioned it features the premium Ranger trim.  The exterior trim is my favorite look for these trucks.  Body side molding, rocker trim, wheel arch molding and the factory tie down hooks.  This truck was built in San Jose, CA, and has spent it's entire life out west.  I call it 99.9% rustfree because it has a spot behind the passengers rear wheel on the side of the bed.  This is a common are due to mud and debris getting packed behind the brace in that location.  Other than that it just has surface rust spots on the tailgate.

It has a strong rebuilt 351 with an Edelbrock carb, intake, and cam package, but will puff a little smoke at start-up.  It has a nice shifting C6 automatic, power steering, power disc brakes, and factory tie down hooks.  It has a Dana 44 front, the bullet proof NP205 transfer case, and a Dana 60 rear.  It also has factory quad front shocks.  The tires are old school 33x12.5x16.5's on a very nice set of vintage Turbine wheels.  Normally we pull all running boards, non factory bumpers, and such.  But this truck had a cool 70's vibe so we went with it.  It has nice sounding FlowMaster duals.  he exhaust is sound, the brakes are nice, and the suspension is tight.  All the lights, and gauges work.

As I said this is a unique 4x4, that we decided to leave in its 70's motif.  Those old tires ride rough and aren't the most round, she's still fun.

More Rustfree Classics

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73 F100 4x4.  100% Rustfree western survivor.  Mostly the original Blue and White paint still.  Strong smooth 360, 4 speed, PS, PB.  Nice tires on cool old school slots.
  Excellent Driver!

Unique 4x4.  This is a 77 F250 4x4.  This was special ordered for a California government or utility company.  I have never seen this combination before.  It is 99% rustfree from California.  It has a nice running 351, nice shifting 4 speed with a good clutch.  It also has factory A/C, PS, and PDB.

1993 GMC Sonoma short bed Ext Cab 4x4, with the Top-of-the-Line SLE trim.  This is an immaculate 1 owner original paint, 100% Rustfree California Survivor, with only 102k actual miles.  It is fully loaded: Vortec 4.3 V6, Overdrive A/T, A/C, PW, PDL, Cruise, Tilt, Bucket seats, Etc.  This is a beautiful no excuses driver.  I have been getting a lot of requests for these First Gen S/10 4x4's.  It just hard to find a nice clean low mile unit. 

89 F350 Crew Cab 4x4 with the Top-of-the-Line Lariat trim.  Only 136k on a straight rustfree western survivor body.  Strong 460, overdrive A/T, AC, PW, PDL, Cruise, Etc.  Excellent, no excuses driver!

1992 F350 crew cab 1 ton 4x4 with XLT trim.  These trucks have really gotten popular the last few years.  We all want a 70's crew cab but they are all gone or $50k.  The 90's Old Body Style (OBS) crew cabs are a great alternative.  They run stronger, get better fuel economy, are well optioned, and still have the good heavy duty parts.  

Clean 1 family owned 1/2 ton 4x4.  It is 99.9% rustfree from California, and still has much of it's original paint.  It only has 143,110 miles on it.  It has a rebuilt 4.3 V6 with around 20k on it.  It has a 4 speed manual and received a new clutch at the same time as the engine rebuild.  This truck is almost fully loaded for a Scottsdale.

1990 GMC Suburban 3/4 ton 4x4.  100% rustfree from California.  Original paint.  Fully loaded SLE trim.  Strong 350, nice shifting Automatic, Cold Front and rear A/C, 8 passenger seating with front buckets and 3rd row seating, PW, PDL, Cruise, etc.  Nice lift with 35" tires.  Nice turn key driver!

1992 F350 Crew Cab 1 ton 4x4, with XLT trim.  Rustfree western truck.  Strong 460, overdrive A/T.  PW, PDL, Cruise, Tilt, Dual tanks, Limited slip rear, Class III hitch, etc.  Turn key driver at a good price.

Rare 1 ton 1984 Dodge W350 "Power Ram" with the Top-of-the-Line "Royal SE" Trim, and "Prospector" off road packages.  It is 100% Rustfree, and straight, and still has all of it's original paint, with only has 105k miles.  It has a strong smooth 360 4 bbl, A/T, tilt, Cold A/C, 17" alloy Dodge wheels, etc.  This is a unique fully loaded square body Dodge.