1971 Chevy C30 1 ton  "Longhorn"

I haven't had a "Longhorn" in several years.  For those of you who don't know what a "Longhorn" is, it is a longbed pickup with a bed & wheel base that is 6" longer than stock.  GM designed these to provide extra support for the slide in camper rage of the early 70's.  Longhorn's were only offered in 2wd's and all had wood bed floors.  Try this link for some more facts: http://www.longhorntrucks.freeservers.com/ .  This one is a 1971 C30 1 ton "Longhorn".  The Longhorns are rare but a 1 ton model is even more rare.  This one is 90% RUSTFREE from southern Oregon.  This truck was built in Freemont CA, and has spent it's entire over 50 year life out west.  I call it 90% Rustfree because it has some rust in it's lower extremities.  See pics.  The bed is totally rustfree.  The dark spots in the pictures of the bed are just surface rust that is more pronounced up against white paint.   The upper cab is nice and solid as well.  The rust is concentrated down low, but there is lots of good solid metal to work with.   These poor trucks are getting so old they just aren't 100% rustfree anymore.  Also, the wood in the bed is getting soft.  GM just used untreated pine, so needless to say it didn't hold up very well. 

This Longhorn is "Custom" trim model, but is well optioned: originally a 400 big block, but now a Goodwrench 350, TH 400 AT, AC, Power Steering, Power Brakes, etc.  This truck runs and drives nice.  All the gages, lights, wipers, heat, etc. all work.  The 350 engine has good power, and the TH 400 transmission shifts nice.  It comes with the original owners manual, "Protecto Plate", and window sticker.  I love getting that original documentation.

Finally, I have a correct, running 1971 400 big block, that could go with the truck if wanted for an addition price.  I have priced this truck very cheap because it does have some rust.  If it were totally rustfree the price would be over $12k.  She is a nice honest truck at a fair price.

SOLD $8950.00


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