1991 Chevy Suburban top of the line "Silverado" trim

1991 Chevy Suburban.  This is Holy Grail of square body Suburbans.  It is the last and the best of the classic straight axle Suburbans.  It is the only year to get the HD 4L80 overdrive automatic.  With this combination of a fuel injected 350 and the overdrive you can expect 17+ mpg on the highway.  This Suburban is 99.9% rustfree from the Nevada high desert.  It is a fully loaded, Top-of-the-Line Silverado model.  It looks to have most every option available.  It has a strong fuel injected 350,  a nice shifting HD 4L80 overdrive automatic, front and rear A/C, Cruise, Tilt, PW, PDL, Bucket Seats, rear wheel anti-lock brakes, power mirrors, Class III hitch with, Skid plates, Front tow hooks, etc.  The suspension is tight, and the Suburban sits up nice and proud on like new 315x75x16 tires, black alloy wheels, and a 4" "Rough Country" suspension lift.  It has 4.10 gears which are perfect for the overdrive trans and 35" tall tires.  She still gets good fuel economy, but has good torque.

This Suburban is mechanically sound.  As mentioned the suspension is tight.  The disc brakes stop true.  It is very dry underneath with no major leaks.  The dual exhaust is a but loud for my tastes, but sounds good.

The interior is clean only showing normal wear, and soiling for the age and miles.  It has 3rd row seating and the overhead console.  It also has an aftermarket AM/FM/CD player.

The paint is pretty faded, but has neat patina from the desert sun.  It does have a straight body.  I call it 99.9% rustfree because it has some bubbles on the upper passengers quarter paned and some on the passengers inner fender.  Nothing major, but it's there.

Overall, this is a nice clean no excuses heavy duty, fully loaded Suburban that has a nice muscular look.  I have personally put 100 or so miles on it and love driving it.  I wouldn't be afraid to hop in and drive it cross country.

 SOLD $11,950.00


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