1967 Chevy K10 1/2ton 4x4

This is a very straight and clean 1967 Chevy K10, half ton long bed 4x4.  It is 99.9% rustfree from southern California.  This is as solid as these truck come.  Heck it's 42 years old.  The 67's have almost replaced the 72's as the most popular trucks from that era.  That sleek hood with no trim or marker lights is a nice look.   Mechanically most everything has been gone through.  It has also had some nice upgrades.  It has a strong rebuilt 350, and a rebuilt TH400.  The transfer case has been upgraded to a 205.  The front axle has been upgraded to a disc brake open knuckle style Dana 44 from a 72.  It doesn't have power steering, that would be a nice upgrade.  The tires are like new 31x10.5x15 BFG's.  The exhaust, and shocks are new.  The body and bed are very straight for a truck of this vintage.  It does have some filler behind the passengers side rear wheel that has cracked.  The filler was used to repair a dent, not rust.  I have included a close up of the filler, and the rear side of the area.  It also has a nice sounding CD system, a new dash pad, and a new cluster bezel.  This truck is paint and carpet away from being done.

I call it 99.9% rustfree because it has a line of rust down the underside of both sill plates, do to trapped moisture.  Bottom line these 67 -72's are getting virtually impossible for me to find.  They are drying up fast.  I am down to just a few per year, and dwindling fast.  Also notice that it still has the original "Black" plates and the number starts with 1967.  Just sort of cool.  Don't let this on pass you by.



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