1967 Chevy K20 3/4ton 4x4

This is a hard to find and desirable 1967 Chevy K20, factory 3/4ton 4x4.  It still features it's original paint on every panel, or what's left of it, and is 100% rustfree.  Yes it has a normal surface rust patina from backing in the California sun for 47 years, but has no cancer or rot.   Your wont find a more solid original survivor out there.  This is as solid as these trucks come.  The 67's have almost replaced the 72's as the most popular trucks from that era.  That sleek hood with no trim or marker lights is a nice look.   Also, 67 is the last of the small back window era.  I have chosen to leave this truck all original.  It still has the original matching numbers 327 4bbl engine, a 4 speed, and power brakes.  The entire drivetrain is also still all original.  It even still has the original split rim wheels.  The engine runs excellent, and the clutch feels good.  I did replace the master cylinder, but haven't got the brakes working perfect yet.  

It has some stickers on the front bumper from the Navy facility in China Lake California.  I don't know if it belonged to the Navy or just a person who drove it there.  Also, the Z in the VIN designates that is was built at the Freemont CA. plant.

Bottom line these 67 -72's are getting virtually impossible for me to find.  They are drying up fast.  I am down to just one or two per year, and dwindling fast.  Finally, this 4x4 still has the original "Black" California plates, which is nice and proves that is has spent it's entire life in Californa.

Sold $6950.00


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