1977 Chevy "Silverado"  1 ton Crew-Cab Dually 4x4

Very rare 1977 Chevy 1 ton, crew-cab dually 4x4, with Top-of-the-line Silverado trim.  19 77 was the first year for the 1 ton crew dually in a 4x4, then to find a Silverado in on is unheard of.  It also has the 10,000lb GVW "Camper Special" package.  This truck is 99.9% rustfree from California.  It has a new GM Goodwrench 350 with only 34k on it (with the receipt).  Originally, it had a 400 small block, but those had a lot of problems from the factory.  Also, FYI they didn't offer a big block in the crew cab 4x4's factory until 81.  It has a TH400 AT, A/C, Tilt, Cruise, dual tanks, etc.  This truck also has the Dana 60 front, and Dana 70 rear.  It also has the all metal "Selectro" twist style locking hubs on the front.  They are rare and pretty cool.  These were the heaviest duty 4x4 pickups GM ever produced.  It

I haven't driven it much .but it does runs smooth, and stop good.  I call it 99.9% rustfree because it It does have a few bubble on the bottoms of the front fenders, and the lower front bed piece has some rust.  the bed floor and rest of the bed are fine other than surface rust.   The upper part of the cup that the tailgate pivots on has warn through so the tailgate drops when you open it.  Other than that it is a solid rustfree California 4x4.

The seats sit good and the foam & springs are good, bit the vinyl has gotten dry and brittle from the California heat and dryness.  It does have a nice sounding AM/FM CD stereo in it.

This truck was originally burgundy and white two tone, but some time a long time ago it was painted totally white.  This is truly a one of a kind truck, and would be stunning with a 4" -  6" lift, and painted back it's original colors.  The burgundy patches in the door jambs are where it has some stick on traction tape, and I peeled it off.

Either way I get about 10 calls per week for crew cab GM 4x4's.  To be fair, I tell everyone to watch the website.  First come first served.


SOLD $9750.00


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