1969 Dodge W200 3/4 ton "Power Wagon" 4X4

This is a unique 1969 Dodge W200 3/4 ton 4x4.  It has the fancier "Adventurer" trim.  The body is pretty straight, and Rustfree from Oregon.  The paint is old and dry but is presentable.  This is a real 4x4.  It has a 318, 4 speed, and power brakes.  It has a divorced transfer case, with manual locking front hubs.  The interior is complete, and hasn't been all cut up, but the front seat needs to be recovered.  The bottom of the pass side rocker panel, got damaged, but not rusted (see pic).  The bottom side, and floors have surface rust but not rotted out.  There are two pencil sized holes in the edge of the pass side floor from moisture trapped by the rubber floor mat (See pic).  The bottom line this is a real solid old Power Wagon for a very fair price.  It actually drives out pretty nice for its age.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.



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