1975 Dodge "Ramcharger"  4x4 Fancy "SE"

Very rare and Hard to find, 1975 Dodge "Ramcharger" 4x4.  This is the Top-of-the-Line fancy "SE" model.  This Ramcharger is 99% rustfree from Arizona.  I have been bringing rustfree vehicles back to the Midwest for 30+ years and this is my first full convertible Ramcharger.  I call in 99% rustfree because it has some pinholes in the passengers front floor pan, some bubbles in the passengers outer rocker panel and some acne bubbles in the outer top.  I included pics of all the mentioned areas. 

The primer spot it from where it had an old school whip antenna mounted.  I included a picture looking up into the quarter panel, showing no rust or major damage in that area.  You will also see some old body fill cracking out in some areas, but again no cancer type rust in those areas.  This is an old Arizona backed survivor.

As mentioned this is the Top-of-the-Line "SE" model.  It runs and drives, with a good running 318, and working 727 automatic.  Other options include: A/C complete but not blowing cold, Cruise Control, PS, PDB, etc.   It has new stock sized tires.

Bottom line, this is a rare machine.  Not many survived.  I included a lot of underside pictures so you can see how rustfree it is.  There is factory undercoating coming off but no rust.

If you have been looking for one of these, don't drag your feet or hope you can find a nicer one.  They just aren't out there anymore.

SOLD $10,950.00


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