Rare1977 Dodge crew cab 3/4ton "Power Wagon"

This is a rare unique 1977 crew cab short bed 3/4ton 4x4 Dodge Power Wagon.  It has a nice running 360, and a nice shifting 727 A/T.  It has PDB, and PS.  The truck has only seen government use and only has 61k miles.  This is a solid Oregon truck.  It has a straight body, with minimal rust.  Every mid 70's Dodge I have had has had rust in similar locations.  Even those from California.  The drivers floor pan is getting soft.  It also has a rust hole in the bottom of the pass side fender.  Other than that it has bubbles on the lower doors, rockers, and front fenders, etc.  It must be a Dodge metal thing. The bed on the inside and bed rails are straight.  It has some dark oily residue on the floor but no rot.  The truck drives nice even with the bias tires.  I have used the 4x4 system and it works.  This truck isn't 100% rustfree, but is as solid as these old Dodges get.  Either way they are such rare and desirable trucks, I will buy every one I can find.

Here is a breakdown of the VIN: W26BF7S065913
Make Dodge
Model W2 - W200
Body Style 6 - Crew Cab with Sweptline box; Compact Low-Line Extended Body
Maxiwagon (Sportsman)
Gross Vehicle Weight B - 6,001 lbs to 10,000 lbs
Engine F - LA 360 V8 2V
Year 1977
Plant S - Warren Truck #1
Wheelbase 131,149
Rating 3/4 Ton
Build Number 65913



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