Very Rare1981 Dodge 250 3/4 ton crew-cab 4x4

Sorry it took me a while to get the pictures up on the site.  This is a neat truck.  In 20 years dealing in classic rustfree 4x4's this is the only crew-cab Dodge I have ever owned.  It is 100% rustfree from Nevada, features the original green paint.  It is as heavy duty as Dodge could build, with all the strongest parts ever made for passenger 4x4's.  It has Dana 60's front and rear with 4.10 gears.  It has the bullet proof NP205 transfer case and the NP435 4 speed.  Otherwise it has a 318, PS, PDB, and am/fm radio.  This is the stock height for this truck.  It has factory 4" blocks in the rear.  Also, 81 was the last year Dodge built crew-cabs until the mid 90's.  It has nice 33x12.5x16.5 tires on nice chrome 10" wheels.  The 4x4 system works fine.  One other interesting note, when the Nevada Forestry Service ordered these trucks, they were all built with A/C equipped cabs, but didn't come with the compressor, lines or condenser.  Go figure.  The good thing, find any late 70' to mid 80's Dodge and get the under hood parts.  The body has some battle scares, but nothing that can't be fixed.  I drove it over 100 miles while out west.  It drives nice.  One thing I have noticed the engine is very cold natured.  It runs great once it is warmed up.  The bottom line this is a very rare truck, that still has the original paint and is 100% rustfree.  You can hop in and drive it just the way it is, or just think of the endless possibilities.



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