1983 Dodge W250 3/4 ton 4x4

1983 Dodge W250 3/4ton 4x4 with "Royal" trim.  This heavy duty Dodge 4x4 is 100% rustfree from California.  It has a nice looking 4 inch lift that gives this Dodge the stance in t needs to look good.   It has 4 bbl small block, not sure if 318 or 360.  It runs and drives nice.  It has factory A/C, PS, PDB, etc.  The body is straight with the exception of the rear of the cab just above the bed.  Looks like they had something in the bed that slid forward and dented the cab.  It didn't beak the window, but it will have to be pulled out.   The bed looks perfect under the liner.  The bottom line this is a nice Dodge at a good price.



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