1966 F250 "Custom Cab"  Factory 4x4

Very hard to find & sought after 1966 F250 "Custom Cab" factory 4x4.  This is a neat mostly original paint classics Ford 4x4.  It was a one owner truck and only has 82,326 original miles on it.  The body isn't perfect, and has some battle scares, I prefer to call it character.  It is pretty much rustfree.  I would call it 99% rustfree, which isn't bad for 47 years old.  The only rust is at the rear of the bed below the tail light, see pics.  It is where the tires through mud and debris. You will also see some holes in the bottom of the front fenders, they are where the old timer had put bolts the hold the fenders in place at the bottom.  We took the bolts out and put the proper hardware back in place.    Other than the addition of an am/fm radio, this truck is totally original.  The original 352 has had a valve job, and runs like a watch, the clutch is smooth, and it drives nice.  It also has power brakes.

You will also notice that the bed doesn't look like it has the same body lines as the cab.  And you are correct.  In the mid 60's Ford found out that the factory bed was cracking and braking on the 4x4 trucks so Ford started putting the older 60 and earlier beds on to fix the problem.  This is just how this truck was built from Ford in 1966.  If you look back through my "Sold Archive" you will see other pre 67 Fords I have sold that are that way.  This truck is an excellent driver for the year, and has a neat rugged look.

Sold $6950.00


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