1973Ford F250 4x4 "Highboy" with Top-of-the-Line "Ranger XLT" Trim

1973 Ford F250 factory "Highboy" 4x4.   The Highboys are some of my most sought after and popular trucks right now.  This is a, rare for the year, Top-of-the-Line "Ranger XLT" trim 4x4.   It features an original paint  rustfree body from southern Oregon  It has a nice original patina with some dings and scrapes, but at least you know exactly what you are getting.  I like to call the normal were and tare "Character"  This Ranger XLT has factory A/C.  It's missing the compressor, but is a factory A/C equipped 4x4.  It also has the factory AM/FM Stereo.  It has a strong older rebuilt 390 4 bbl, with a nice shifting rebuilt C6 automatic.  It has rare factory wide 8.25" x 16.5 steel wheels with the original bias ply tires.  This 4x4 drives tight, but it takes a while for the old style tires to round out.  A nice new set of radials would be nice, but I left the original tires on just because they were original.   It has the big heavy duty desert cooler radiator, and power brakes.  It also has 3 fuel tanks.  It has all good factory heavy duty parts including: the big Spicer hub front axle, heavy duty rebuilt C6 A/T, New Process 205 transfer case, and a 4.10 Dana 60 limited slip rear.  The XLT package, 8.25" steel wheels, A/T, A/C, and AM/FM were all very rare options in 73.  It does have headers and the drivers side has an exhaust leak.  Bottom line this is a nice original survivor.  It's not perfect, but it is a nice example of an uncut, unabused original Highboy.  They aren't getting any easier for me to find.  If you have been waiting for a nice original one to pop up, this is it.

Results for VIN#: F26YRS23226

Model Year: 73
Series: F250 - 4x4 Pickup
Engine: 8 Cyl, 360 from factory, now  rebuilt 390 4bbl
Assembly Plant: San Jose California
Transmission: C6 automatic
Front Axle: 4.10 w/P.S.
Rear Axle:
4.10 Limited Slip, 5200lb Dana 60

Sold $8450.00


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