1973Ford F250 4x4

1973 Ford F250 on a 1978 F250 4x4 chassis.   73 was the first year for this body style, that ran through 79.  This one is Rustfree from California, and has a very straight body.  The light blue is even still the original paint.  You will notice some missing paint on the cowl.  Ford started using some galvanized metal in 73.  The cowl was one of the areas, and the paint didn't stick very well.

Honestly, you cant tell this truck isn't a factory 4x4.  Everything about it looks totally factory.  The good thing about using the 78 Chassis, is you get away from the lame 360 engine, the clunky slave cylinder power steering, and the less than stellar drum front brakes.  You also get the preferred open knuckle front axle.  In all reality this is a much superior 4x4 to a true 73 F250.

This 4x4 has a strong smooth 460, with a nice shifting automatic.  It also has the bullet proof New Process gear to gear 205 transfercase.  It has the high pinion front axles with power disc brakes, Power Steering, "Ford" AM/FM cassette radio, and Ford A/C.

This 4x4 has very nice clean interior, and just over 100k on the odometer. 

This truck has the right combination of parts, from  improved drivetrain, to the 460 engine.  The tires are nice but a bit out of round from sitting.  She needs to be driven.

This is neat no excuses 4x4.

Results for VIN#: F25YRQ20399

Model Year: 73
Series: F250 - 2x4 Pickup
Engine: 8 Cyl, 360ci, 2bbl
Assembly Plant: San Jose California
Transmission: automatic

 SOLD $8450.00


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