1975Ford F250 4x4 "Highboy" Ranger XLT

1975 Ford F250 factory "Highboy" 4x4.   This is a straight 99.9% rustfree 1 owner Highboy from the west coast.  I have the original title.  This is a well optioned "Ranger XLT" model.  The Ranger XLT was the top-of-the-line in 75.  It is also a factory black truck, with black interior.  It has a strong rebuilt 390 with a 4bbl, and a nice shifting 4 speed, power steering, power disc brakes, factory AM/FM stereo, the big "Desert Cooler" radiator, etc.  It also has factory A/C, but is missing the compressor, and lines.  Now here is the best part.  The crappy slave cylinder original steering has been replaced with the superior later model 1979 power steering box, and the closed knuckle drum brake front axles was replaced with a 1979 disc brake unit.  He also put the matching 3.50 geared Dana 60 rear axle in also.  So the bottom line you have a 1975 Highboy with the superior 1979 steering and disc brake front axle, yet still retains the desirable "divorced" NP205 transfer case and NP 435 4 speed.  A lot of guys do this conversion to there Highboys.  You are looking a $2k in parts and labor to do it.  Overall, this 4x4 drives tight.  The clutch, and brakes work nice.  This 4x4 runs and drives great, and with the 3.50 gears she cruises at 70 with ease.  This is a nice example of a clean Highboy.  It has a proud stance, and a good look.  I call it 99.9% rustfree, because it has a soft spot in the drivers side floor where one's heal sits under the gas pedal, and a couple other little specs here and there.  One final note it has a dealer installed sun roof.  I sort of enjoy the extra light, and extra breeze in the cabin.  If you don't like the sun roof, I have a clean rustfree roof that I cut off another truck that can go with the truck.  Either way she is a neat well optioned Highboy.  Clean 4 speed Highboys are hard to find, very desirable, and don't last last.

Results for VIN#: F26YRV44185

Model Year: 75
Series: F250 - 4x4 Pickup
Engine: 8 Cyl, 360ci, 2bbl, now rebuilt 390 4 bbl.
Assembly Plant: San Jose California
Transmission: 4 spd, Manual, New Process 435
Front Axle: 4.10 w/P.S. now 3.50 gears with disc brakes
Rear Axle: 4.10 5300lb Dana 60, now 3.50 limited slip Dana 60


Sold $7950.00


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