1976 Ford  "Highboy" F250 4x4 "XLT"

This is a 1976 F250 4x4 with the Top-of-the-Line XLT trim.  This is a factory Highboy with the divorced transfercase, and with the big hub front axle.  What makes the 76 special are the disc brakes up front, and the "open knuckle" front axles.  Prier to 76, F250 4x4's had drum brakes, and the less desirable "closed knuckle" front axle. 

This isn't the nicest Highboy I  have had, but I just can't find them like I used to.   This one is at least 95% rustfree, and came from Washington state.  It is still a good solid 4x4.  I have priced it to leave some room for a guy to put some more time and money into it and have a nice Highboy.  It has rust in the floors, door corners and a few other spots.  I have included pics of the rust you can't really see in the normal pics.  If this truck was totally rustfree, I'd be asking over $10k.

It is a turn key drivable truck.  It has a good running 460, a good shifting C6 automatic, the bullet proof 205 gear to gear transfer case, and the big hub disc brake front axle with aftermarket all metal "Warn" lock-outs.  It also has the factory skid plate for the transfercase that is pretty cool.  Other options include Power Steering and the desirable bed side tool box.  I also like the old school turbine style aluminum wheels.  The tires are also old school bias tires and need a few miles to round out.  None the less they look good on the truck.

Again, she isn't the best Highboy I have ever had, but I have priced it accordingly.  They are drying up fast, so if you want one at a fair price this is it.  Mechanically and structurally she is sound, fix the minor rust and repaint it and fix a few other details and have a nice Highboy XLT without a fortune in it.

Results for VIN#: F26YRC28099

Model Year: 76
Series: F250 - 4x4 Pickup
Engine: 8 Cyl, 360ci, 2bbl (Now 460 4 bbl)
Assembly Plant: San Jose, California
Transmission: C6 automatic
Front Axle: w/P.S.
Rear Axle: 4.10 5300lb Dana 60

SOLD $7950.00


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