1977Ford F250 4x4, the last and the best of the "Highboy's"

1977 Ford F250 factory "Highboy" 4x4.    The 77 is a rare and unique year.  It's not only the last year for the "Highboy" suspension, but it's the most desirable year.  77 was the first year for the Cleveland engine family.   Another reason the 77's are so desirable is that it is the only year Highboy that a 460 will drop right in.   Enough trivia, back to this truck.

This is a solid example of a 1977 Highboy.  It is 98% RUSTFREE from California.  It has a 351 engine with a 4 speed manual transmission.  It has 4.10 axles with a Dana 60 rear.  It also has the HD 205 transfer case, and the big hub front end.  Other options include: power steering, and power disc brakes.  This truck also has two auxiliary fuel tanks that are filled from inside the rear wheel wells.  This 4x4 runs and drives, but needs a good once over, before being put back into daily service.  This truck has a nice proud stance.

This High Boy has spent it's entire life in CA but it does have some rust in a couple of spots.  The rust is from trapped moisture not salt.  The worst area is in the drivers floor.  It had soggy jute padding under the factory rubber floor mat.  Even in CA if one lets water sit long enough rust will form.  I will include pictures of the rust.  Keep in mind this is still a very solid CA 4x4.  It it was 100% rustfree the price would be $7950.00.  Fix the few rust spots and keep the truck out of the salt and it will last forever.

Results for Door ID Tag
VIN#: F26HRO84524
Model Year: O = 77
Series: F26 = F250 4x4 Pickup
Engine: H = 8 Cyl, 351ci (5.8L) 2bbl
Assembly Plant: R =
San Jose, CA
Transmission: A = 4 spd, Manual, New Process 435
Front Axle: J = 4.10 w/P.S.
Rear Axle: 24 = 4.10 Limited Slip, 5200lb Dana 60



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