1977Ford F250 4x4, The last and the best of the "Highboy's", "Explorer" Trim

1977 Ford F250 factory "Highboy" 4x4.    The 77 Highboys were only made the first half of the 77 model year, so they are tough to find.  So, it's not only the last year for the "Highboy" suspension, but it's the most desirable year.  77 was the first year for the 351/400 engine family.   Another reason the 77's are so desirable is that it is the only year Highboy that a 460 will drop right in.   Also the 77's got front disc brakes.  Enough trivia, back to this truck.  It also has the rarely seen "Explorer" package.  This package gave you special graphics, a hood emblem, pinstripes, and some extra trim. 

This is a clean straight example of a 1977 Highboy.  It is very original and 99.5% rustfree from out west.  The only rust is in the drivers floor pan.  About every Highboy has at least rust on the drivers side floor.  I think the windshield gasket leaks on that side and causes that. .  It has a smooth strong 351 engine with a nice shifting 4 speed manual transmission.  It has 4.10 axles with a Dana 60 rear.  It also has the HD 205 transfer case, and the big hub front end.  Other options include: power steering, and power disc brakes.   The exhaust is sound, the power disc brakes stop nice, and the suspension is tight.  The tire a real nice 265/75/16's

The interior is clean and uncut.  It even still has the original AM radio that still works.  The paint is even still mostly original.  Also, the inside of the bed and upper bed rails are straight.

This Highboy has spent it's entire life out west.  It has a great look and stance.  It is an absolute pleasure to drive.  Drive it as it is, or it would it would be an easy restoration.  I just don't find them like this anymore.

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VIN#: F26HRO82116
Model Year: O = 77
Series: F26 = F250 4x4 Pickup
Engine: H = 8 Cyl, 351ci (5.8L) 2bbl
Assembly Plant: R =
San Jose, CA
Transmission: A = 4 spd, Manual, New Process 435
Front Axle: J = 4.10 w/P.S.
Rear Axle: 24 = 4.10 5200lb Dana 60

SOLD $9950.00


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