1978Ford F250

1978 F250 2 wheel drive.  Totally original paint survivor from Nevada that is 99.9% rustfree.  I know I don't normally sell 2 wheel drives, but this was a nice clean truck, I just couldn't pass up.  This is a basic "Custom" model, but it has a factory 460.  It runs strong, the C6 shifts nice, and the truck drives like a dream.  Other options include: PS, PDB, class III receiver hitch, 3.54 limited slip Dana 60 rear axle, etc. It also has the big "Desert Cooler" radiator, and the high output heater.  It has decent tires on factory Ford later model alloy wheels that look nice.  It also has nice sounding dual exhaust.

The previous owner claimed the miles to be original 89k.  he was the second owner.

The body and bed are straight, however both front fenders got damaged on the lower rear due to front tire blow outs in the past.  We straightened them out to the beat of our ability.  A true body guy could make them perfect.  I call it 99.9% rustfree because it has some pin holes in the passengers floor due to trapped moisture in the past.  That is the only rust in the truck.  Otherwise you will notice surface rust in other areas, like the door jambs and bed floor, but again it's just surface.  No cancer period.  On a white truck it just looks worse.

The interior is clean, and it has a nice sounding Sony CD stereo.  It has a nice factory headliner.  The seat sits perfect, but has some splits in the cloth from being old and dried out.  Also, we removed the rear slider that was missing a couple pieces and installed a factory fixed rear window.

Everything works on this truck and it needs nothing to be ready to pick up a load of mulch, a refrigerator, or haul your racecar down the road.  If you don't need 4x4, but want a nice, solid, heavy duty, classics truck that you can still work on than this is the truck for you.

Results for VIN#: F25JRCF0621
Model Year: 1978
Series: F250 - 2x4 Pickup
Engine: 8 Cyl, 460ci, (7.5L) 4bbl
Assembly Plant:
San Jose CA.
Transmission: Automatic C6
Rear Axle: 3.54 Limited Slip
5300lb Dana 60

SOLD $6950.00


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