1978 F250 3/4 ton 4x4 with Ranger XLT trim

This is a fully loaded 99.9 RUSTFREE 1978 F250 3/4ton 4x4, with the premium "Ranger XLT" trim package, and heavy duty "Camper Special" package.  The Ranger XLT package gave you the pretty stuff, and Camper Special package gave you the heavy duty stuff, as well as extra coolers and a rear anti-sway bar.  This 4x4 was built in California and has spent it's entire life out there.  This truck features a rebuilt 460 that runs strong and smooth, & rebuilt C6 automatic that shifts nice and snappy.  It also has working A/C (converted to 134A), PS, PDB, Cruise, Tilt, int. wipers, factory chrome tie down hooks, locking hood, etc.  It also has the very rare and desirable cab lights.   The interior is nice, and hasn't been cut up.  The suspension is tight.  The shocks and exhaust are ok as well.  The 4x4 system works fine.   It also has brand new stock size radial tires.

The body is straight for it's age.  Even the bed floor is nice.  This truck isn't a beat abused ranch truck.  Looks like the front bumper got some use.  There are only two spots that have rust in the entire body, above the right rear wheel, and the outer rear door corner on the drivers side.  Both are only in the outer structure with no signs on the back side.  These spots are very minor and common even on CA trucks, but I just want to be absolutely clear.  See pictures at the end of the list.

All these old 4x4's are getting tougher for me to find.  On my last trip to CA, I went with the specific purpose of buying Fords and this was the only Ford I found worth buying.  I looked at lots of junk.

VIN#: F26SRAG3773
Model Year: 78
Series: F250 - 4x4 Pickup
Assembly Plant:
San Jose, CA.



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