1978 F250 3/4 ton 4x4 with Ranger trim

This is a fully loaded, 99.9% RUSTFREE 1978 F250 3/4ton 4x4, with the premium "Ranger" trim package, and heavy duty "Camper Special" package.  The Ranger package gave you the pretty stuff, and Camper Special package gave you the heavy duty stuff, as well as extra coolers, the big "Desert Cooler" radiator, and a rear anti-sway bar.  This 4x4 was built in California and has spent it's entire life out there.  This truck features the original 400 engine and a C6 automatic.  It also A/C, PS, PDB, Cruise, etc.  The interior is clean, but showing normal ware, and hasn't been cut up  It also has the rare, and working factory AM/FM stereo.  The suspension is tight.  The dual exhaust needs new tailpipes.  The 4x4 system works fine.   It also has nice stock size radial tires.

The body is straight for it's age.  Even the bed floor is nice.  This truck isn't a beat abused ranch truck.  The paint looks nice, but is by no means perfect.  I has some nicks, scratches, dings, and touch ups, but has a good first appearance.  The only real body damage is left rear behind the tire got damaged from a tire blow-out.  The only sign of rust on the truck is the passengers floor under the factory rubber mat; is has some scale and pinholes from the jute padding getting wet and holding moisture.  I hat to say this but 90% plus of the 70's Ford trucks get this.  A new factory fit floor pan runs $30, and goes in real nice.  Also, you might notice the FORD letters are missing on the hood, they are on now.

All these old 4x4's are getting tougher for me to find.  I'm just not finding them in good shape like I used to.  If your wanting one, I wouldn't keep waiting.  Enjoy the pics.

VIN#: F26SRCE5784
Model Year: 78
Series: F250 - 4x4 Pickup
Engine: 400 ci.
Assembly Plant:
San Jose, CA.

SOLD $8450.00


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