1979Ford F150 SWB 4x4 with Premium "Ranger" Trim

Unique 1979 F150 short bed 4x4.  It features the "Ranger" trim.  It is 99.9% Rustfree from the west coast.  What makes this truck unique is that the previous owner outfitted it with 8 lug 3/4 ton axles front and rear.  As mentioned it features the premium Ranger trim.  The exterior trim is my favorite look for these trucks.  Body side molding, rocker trim, wheel arch molding and the factory tie down hooks.  This truck was built in San Jose, CA, and has spent it's entire life out west.  I call it 99.9% rustfree because it has a spot behind the passengers rear wheel on the side of the bed.  This is a common are due to mud and debris getting packed behind the brace in that location.  Other than that it just has surface rust spots on the tailgate.

It has a strong rebuilt 351 with an Edelbrock carb, intake, and cam package, but will puff a little smoke at start-up.  It has a nice shifting C6 automatic, power steering, power disc brakes, and factory tie down hooks.  It has a Dana 44 front, the bullet proof NP205 transfer case, and a Dana 60 rear.  It also has factory quad front shocks.  The tires are old school 33x12.5x16.5's on a very nice set of vintage Turbine wheels.  Normally we pull all running boards, non factory bumpers, and such.  But this truck had a cool 70's vibe so we went with it.  It has nice sounding FlowMaster duals.  he exhaust is sound, the brakes are nice, and the suspension is tight.  All the lights, and gauges work.

As I said this is a unique 4x4, that we decided to leave in its 70's motif.  Those old tires ride rough and aren't the most round, she's still fun.

Results for VIN#: F14HREC3219
Model Year: 79
Series: F14 = F150 - 4x4 Pickup
Engine: H = 8 Cyl, 351ci, (5.8L) 2bbl
Assembly Plant: R = San Jose California

Transmission: K = C6 automatic
Rear Axle: 16 = 3.50 3750lb Ford

 SOLD $7950.00


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