1989 Ford F150 Short Bed 4x4 "XL" Trim

I have been getting more and more requests for the 80's and 90's Fords.  This one is a nice simple 1989 F150 short bed 4x4.  It is 100% rustfree from California, and hasn't been a beat work truck.

It is pretty much all original still.  It has a strong smooth fuel injected 4.9L, straight 6 engine, a 5 speed manual transmission, A/C, PS, PDB, Cruise, Tilt, factory tachometer, quad front shocks, etc.  The clutch feels nice and smooth.  The second gear synchronizer  in the transmission is getting warn, so you need to shift slow from first to second to avoid grinding the gear.  The suspension is tight, the brakes stop nice, and the exhaust is sound.

The interior is clean and complete, with a nice sounding radio.

This is a nice hop in and drive economical  4x4.  You won't be disappointed.



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