1971 GMC K10 Factory 4x4 "One family owned"

Rare and hard to find 1971 GMC K10 1/2 ton factory 4x4.  This 4x4 is as clean and original as you can find now days.  Most have been bought up and restored already or are beat junk.  This one is 99.9% rustfree from the west coast, and is pretty straight still.  It was built in the Freemont CA plant.  It even still has it's matching numbers 350 4 bbl, with an automatic, 205 transfercase, power steering, and power disc brakes.  It only has 139k actual miles.  The only real body damage is the drives rocker panel got scraped on a stump a long time ago.  a good body man could take the inner rocker off and pound the scrape back out.  any dark spots you see on the body is where the paint has come off, but not rust.  I call it 99.9% rustfree because the pass cab corner has a spot of rust just starting.  when I was cleaning the truck up that cab corner had been used as storage.  it was packed full of misc. nuts, bolts, washers, screws, nails etc.  A 50 cent sized  patch could be welded in and be as good as new.

I put new interior in it.  Including seat cover, dash pad, and rubber mat.  All from LMC truck parts.  I included pictures of the floors with the old rubber mat taken out, so that you could see how clean the floors are.  I put real nice stock sized tires on the stock wheels with the original center caps.  It has two sealer installed auxiliary gas tanks, but it is only running off of the factory tank now, but all the controls, and lines are there if one wanted to hook those back up.

This 4x4 has never been cut, lifted or abused.  it even still has the original radio, and jack.  All the gauges, lights, blinkers, etc work.  Overall It is a nice simple 4x4 that is almost extinct in this condition.  One couldn't ask for a nicer driving classic 4x4. 

Sold $11,900.00


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